Heart in Diabetes Award Recipients

The 2020 Luminary in Cardiometabolic Medicine Award Recipient is 

Eugene Braunwald, MD

"What I like most of all is the flavor of this meeting, the Heart in Diabetes. This is really forward-looking if you think about the development of science, the biggest advancements have occurred when two fields come together and I'll give you a couple of simple examples. 
About a century ago, biology and chemistry were totally separate and then a few very important scientists on both sides of the Atlantic came to the conclusion that chemistry has a tremendous contribution it could make to biology. And the field of biochemistry was born.
And you can repeat this many times:

Molecular biology, which is physics and chemistry impacting on biology, an important field. Cardiac surgery- when I was in training there were thoracic surgeons but there were no cardiac surgeons and as cardiac surgery developed, it became an extremely important field of its own that has its own journals and its own societies. Onco-Cardiology is relatively recent because of the common features between cancer and coronary heart disease and heart failure. Interventional radiology is another example of two fields coming together.

And that's why I think this particular program, the Heart in Diabetes, is so important. I think that there are so many diabetics with cardiac conditions and interestingly enough heart failure also makes diabetes more severe and it goes in both directions and I think it's very important for both specialists, people who are cardiologists, understand the issues of diabetes; How diabetes affects cardiac performance and cardiac outcome and at the same time that diabetologists understand how to use their medications in order to improve cardiac function. So these two coming together, I think, is of historic importance and its a particular pleasure for me to participate in this meeting and to get this wonderful award. Thank you very much."

-Eugene Braunwald, MD


Acceptance speech for Luminary in Cardiometabolic Medicine Award

4th Annual Heart in Diabetes Virtual Conference

Watch Dr. Braunwald's acceptance speech and Key Note lecture, "SGLT2i and the Birth of 2 PARADIGM SHIFTS in Clinical Care", on-demand here.

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