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Industry Supported Education Sessions: 
8th Heart in Diabetes 2024
Non-CME Product Theatre
For inquiries, contact Nava Mekel at

Product Theater Prospectus 7th HiD 2023

Non-CME Industry-Supported Education Session Information

The 8th Heart in Diabetes (HiD) 2024 invites you to present the latest research findings on products, give product details and demonstrations, as well as highlight new products to a key audience.  These sessions are promotional and are not eligible for continuing medical education (CME) credits. 


Click on the PDF file for additional application information and guidelines: 

HiD will dedicate an area on the virtual platform, separate from the educational sessions, where your company will be able to virtually exhibit products, equipment, and services.

The Non-CME industry-Supported sessions will receive a virtual room to hold a lecture during the 8th HiD hybrid conference.  All sessions will be integrated within the 8th HiD Agenda and will receive a total of 45 minutes for virtual lecture time and live Q & A time.


All sessions will be able to reach a wider audience who will be able to view the lectures on-demand for free on the virtual conference website for up to 90 days (the company will have the option to remove content off the website at any time).

Only ONE Non-CME Industry Supported Session will take place during each available time slot, ensuring exclusivity for each company.


HiD does not provide evaluation forms for Industry Supported Education Sessions. Sponsors who wish to offer attendees an evaluation form for their session may do so on their own accord.

​*Only companies exhibiting at the HiD meeting will be considered for an industry supported education session.

Please view exhibitor costs, levels, and more information here

For more information, please contact Nava Mekel at

Product Theatre Non-CME Industry Supported by
Novo Nordisk

Friday, June 9, 2023, 1:20 -2:05 PM

"A Multidisciplinary Approach: A GLP-1 RA for Patients With T2D and ASCVD"

Matthew Budoff, MD 

Budoff, Matthew.jpg

Yehuda Handelsman, MD 

Handelsman, Yehuda.jpg

Product Theatre Non-CME Industry Supported BY

Saturday, June 10, 2023, 1:00 - 1:45 PM 

"Jardiance® (empagliflozin) Tablets:

A Review of the Latest Data"


Watson, Karol 3.png


Krishnaswami Vijayaraghavan, MD, MS

Karol E. Watson, MD, PhD

Headshot _Vijayaraghavan.jpg

Product Theatre Non-CME Industry Supported by
Corcept Therapeutics 

Sunday, June 11, 2023 ,11:40 AM -12:25 PM

"What Comes after Identifying Hyperglycemia

Secondary to Hypercortisolism?"


Hanford Yau, MD

Yau, Hanford.jpg

Industry Supported Education Sessions:
 6th Heart in Diabetes 2022
 Non-CME Product Theatre


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